College introductory guidebook

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Dijlah University College Guide


Private academic institution of higher education with public interest. Founded in Baghdad according to the decree issued by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research No. (3322) on the 27/10/2004 in accordance with the law of establishing private colleges and universities No. (13) of 1996, as amended Dijlah College University provides educational services to its students using scientific methods and modern technology, and works to keep the curricula cope with the latest global developments. It aims to provide students with the necessary information in all fields of science, education and research in a manner that enable them achieve continuous communication between the university and the community, and to contribute to the goals of economic and social development in the field in Iraq and elsewhere. The central goal of the college is to equip the students with required scientific knowledge and experience in their different fields of study and prepare them for higher studies The college provided the best specialized scientific staff and constantly seeks improvement through partnership agreements with some well-known universities in the world. In the area of infrastructure development investment has been made in the establishment of a distinguished academic complex in the center of Baghdad to become a scientific institution ahead of other peer colleges.

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