Introductory Guide

Dijlah University College Introductory

A private academic institution of higher education of a public benefit. It was established in Baghdad under the regulative term issued by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research No. (3322) on 10/27/2004 in accordance with the amended Regulation No. (13) for the establishment of private colleges and universities in 1996.

Dijlah University College seeks to provide its educational services using scientific methods and modern technology, and its curricula keep pace with the latest global developments, their applications and impacts on society. and aims to provide students with the necessary information for them in all scientific, educational and research fields in a way that achieves continuous communication between the university and society, and in a way that contributes to achieve the goals of economic and social development in Iraq.

The college has prepared the best scientific staff and pursues to develop them continuously by creating partnership agreements with some well-known international universities. As well as in the field of infrastructure development, an investment has been made in establishing a distinguished academic complex in the centre of Baghdad city to become a scientific edifice ahead of its peers from other colleges.