Website management

About the website of Dijlah University College


The idea of ​​establishing a website for Dijlah University College came as a result of the escalating necessity for a well-established website that represents the DUC to keep pace with the rising pace in this field all over the world, in which the Internet and websites have become a major and crucial part in managing business of institutions and universities also, and that is definitely due to the speed of communication and work completion which provides. Moreover, it has become a measure of the efficiency of any organization in today’s world. This idea started lately, and the idea did not go beyond developing preliminary designs that were not activated or creating primitive sites that do not reflect the aspirations of having a united website that can be relied upon. In 2014, the actual launch came of activating the website of DUC, by the decision of the college deanship, Prof. Dr. Saeed Abdul Hadi Al-Marhej, stressing on the need to take this idea with the utmost seriousness and providing all potentials for the success of this idea, and this interest coincided when the deanship took ahead an essential step Through the sponsorship of developing the site and preserving an unlimited space for the college’s website and preserving an official domain name ( to put all the information that the college staff and students want to create a database, which overcame all the complications that faced the progress of the website in the past In addition of having a professional technical staff supervising the website of the college, and also provides all mechanical and technical support, as well as the presence of consultants for the website who be responsible for the required consultations for the design and maintenance of the website constantly. And the website of University was launched in its new form, in both Arabic and English, which was the basis for an integrated professional website that reflects a bright image of DUC with the concerted hard work of all these mentioned efforts.


The Main Objectives of the Site:

Scientific and educational objectives: Providing useful scientific materials and saving effort in searching after information through the several information which is provided by the publication of lectures and the publication of all issued college’s scientific and media journals and bulletins additional to the scientific contributions by professors and graduates of the college and more as coverage of scientific conferences, activities and continuing education courses.

Service objectives: By publishing all advertisements, schedules for working hours, exam results for students, answering inquiries and requests received from all over the world, as well as applying the concept of e-government.

Future vision: We seek to make the college’s website the main reference for all students and graduates in everything related to them in terms of scientific and practical aspects, and to cover all service features, which will facilitate the process of obtaining information and answering all requests from all over the world in a short period of time, similar to institutions in the developed world.


The current work team for the website of Dijlah University College

  1. Website management
N Name Administrative position Tasks
1 Prof. Dr. Saeed Abdul Hadi Al-Marhej Dean of Dijlah University College General supervisor
2 Asst. lect. Ali Taha Yassin Jabr Head of IT department Technical supervision
3 Mr. Omar Bakr Habib Maintenance Division Officer / Information Technology Department Website management
4 Mr. Aws Nabil Ahmed Email Division/IT Department College email system
5 Mr. Mustafa Mohamed Amin IT department Programmer
6 Mr. Ahmed Fares Sabah IT department Programmer
7 Mr. Mahmoud Abdel Karim IT department Programmer
8 Mr. Tariq Ali Muhammad IT department Programmer
9 Mr. Muthanna Sabri Mahmoud IT department Maintenance and technical support



  1. The English translation committee
N Department Name Tasks
1 English Department Prof. Dr. Mohamed Abdel Qader Ajaj Supervisor
2 English Department Asst. Lect. Hanadi Qais Abboud Translator


  1. Representatives of the college departments in managing the website
N Department Members
1 Business Management Dr. Itesam Jaber Abdel Reda
2 Department of Medical Laboratory Technologies Asst. Lect. Dina Hamed
3 Dentistry Department Asst. Lect. Hala Adnan
4 Arabic Language Department Asst. Lect. Amal Yassin
5 Computer Technology Engineering Dr. Sura Khalil Abd
6 Computer Science Department  Dr. Omar Saber El Din Aziz
7 Finance and Banking Department Asst. Lect. Marwa Jamal Omar
8 Law Department Asst. Lect. Marwan Mohamed
9 Optics Technologies Department Asst. Lect. Rasha Asaad Kamel Falih
10 Media Department Lect. Ali Muhannad Hamid
11 Refrigeration and air conditioning engineering Department Dr. Mansour Ali Ismail
12 Civil Engineering Department Asst. Lect. Muhammad Munqith Salman
13 Medical Device Technology Engineering Dr. Mohamed Ahmed Daoud
14 English Department Asst. Lect. Hanadi Qais Abboud
15 Accounting Department Dr. Mohamed Anwar Halawi
16 Dental industry techniques Department Asst. Lect. Donia Abbas Khaled