Department of scientific laboratories and technical workshop


Scientific laboratories and technical workshops are pioneers in all fields. Various and modern on the steady laboratories of the Dijlah University College and the rest of the colleges and universities, and to be unique laboratories in terms of teaching  and application, and to meet the needs of society and contribute to sustainable development.

The message:

          Preparation of distinguished graduates who are able to keep pace with global technological development in all scientific fields, as well as qualifying distinguish capable of teamwork, innovation and creativity by continuing education and learning, and scientific research and the exchange of knowledge according to the best and professional academic standards to meet the needs of the local and global community, encourage practical and technical work and contribute to the development of knowledge capabilities, keeping pace with scientific and technological development in all fields, and enhancing the role of scientific research and development in achieving comprehensive national development.


-To prepare scientific, professional and engineering cadres are able to work in all areas necessary for national economy and accompanying services for this specialization.

-Preparing scientific cadres in the management and operation in all important advanced areas.

-Preparing specialized in all areas to meet the growing market need for such disciplines.

-Work and encourage cadres to carry out innovative research to find solutions to local needs.

-Graduation of cadres with technical information and  high aspirations, distinguish and leadership.

-The permanent and renewable development of the study plan, to ensure that it keeps pace with rapid and successive changes in all fields of life.