college Council

Based on the Private Higher Education Law No. (25) of 2016:

1. At Dijlah University College, a council is formed, consisting of:

2 . College Council Duties:

The College Council exercises the functions and competencies of the powers of the University Council stipulated in Article (17) of the Higher Education Law No. (25) of 2016:

First – The College Council exercises the following tasks:

1- Setting the conditions for admission.

2- Recommending the numbers of students to be accepted at the beginning of each academic year.

3- Recommending the adoption of the proposed curricula and submitting it to the Ministry.

4- Approval of a plan to provide education requirements.

5- Proposing the amount of the annual tuition fees.

6- Managing the university’s funds, investing and disposing of them in accordance with the university’s objectives.

7- A proposal to appoint the assistant president of the university.

8- Approval of the appointment of deans of faculties and heads of departments or branches and their dismissal.

9- Recommending an extension of the university president’s term of service, nominating a replacement for him, or relieving him.

10- Seconding faculty members and extending and ending the secondment period.

11- Granting graduates academic certificates.

12- Approving scientific promotions for faculty members after coordination with the Research and Development Department in the Ministry.

13- Recommending the opening of a college within the private university and submitting it to the ministry.

14- Recommending the opening, merging or canceling of scientific departments or branches and submitting them to the Ministry.

15- Approving the annual budget and the final account and making transfers between its chapters.

16- Approving the cadres of colleges or scientific departments.

17- Approval of contracting with non-Iraqi faculty members in accordance with the regulations adopted by official universities, with the exception of determining wages.

18- Approval of contracting with faculty members and other workers, determining their wages and remuneration, accepting their resignations and terminating their services.

19- Approving the conclusion of agreements with groups, colleges and scientific institutions that are concerned with scientific research inside and outside Iraq.

20- Suspension of studies in whole or in part when necessary for a period not exceeding (7) seven days, provided that the Council of Higher Education in the Ministry is informed with a statement of the reasons that called for that.

21- Donating transferred funds to groups, colleges, and scientific and educational institutions inside Iraq in accordance with the law.

22- Accepting grants, gifts, subsidies, wills and endowments from inside and outside Iraq in accordance with the law.

23- Approval of opening courses for teaching foreign languages ​​and continuing education courses.

Second: The College Council may delegate some of its duties to the Dean of the College.

N Name Title Department Certificate and Speciality
1 Prof. Dr. Saeed Abdul Hadi Al-Marhej Prof Dean PhD in Arabic language
2 Prof.Dr. Ismail Khalil Ibrahim Al-Khatib Prof Associate Dean for Scientific Affairs PhD in chemistry
3 Prof.Dr. Adel kitab Nassif Jassim al-Azzawi Prof Head of the Arabic Department PhD in Arabic language
4 Prof.Dr. Qahtan Ahmed Mohammed Mahmoud al-Jubouri Prof Head of Medical Laboratory Technologies Department PhD in Physiological Chemistry / Enzymes
5 Prof.Dr. Ismail Khalil Ibrahim al-Khatib Prof Head of Dental Industry Department / Agency PhD in chemistry
6 Prof.Dr. Muayyad Muhammad Ali al-Fadl Prof Head of Accounting Department PhD in Accounting
7 Prof.Dr. Mohamed Abdelkader Ajaj Prof Head of the English department PhD in Linguistics
8 Prof.Dr. Jamal Dawood Salman Prof Head of the Financial and Banking Sciences Department PhD in Economics/Business Economics
9 Prof.Dr. Mohammed Baqer Hussein al-Badri Prof Head of the Radiology and Ultrasound Department PhD in Physics/Radiation Physics
10 Prof. Dr. Ethar Abdul Hadi Muhammad Prof Head of Business Administration Department Doctor of Philosophy in Business Administration
11 Dr. Yassin Bir Reda Asst. Prof Head of Anaesthesia Department PhD in veterinary medicine/microbiology
12 Dr. Zina Abdel Hadi Mohamed Ali Asst. Prof Head of the media Department PhD in Media
13 Dr. Majid Salal Naghmush Musa Naghmush Asst. Prof Head of the Computer Technology Department PhD in Communications Engineering
14 Dr. Ihsan Mohsen Abbas Muhammad Al-Bayati Asst. Prof Head of Optical Technologies Department Ph.D. Physics/Infrared
15 Dr. Mohammed Salman Mahmoud Al-Jumaily Asst. Prof Head of the law Department PhD Public Law/International Law
16 Dr. Shahd Nidal Daoud Al-Youssef Asst. Prof Head of the Department of Engineering of Medical Devices Technologies PhD in Electrical Engineering
17 Dr. Salem Mohamed Zaki Mahmoud Lecturer Head of Computer Science Department PhD in Software Engineering/ Computer Networks and Artificial Intelligence
18 Dr. Firas Maan Abdul Sattar Al-Qadli Lecturer Head of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Technologies Engineering Department PhD in Mechanical / Refractory Engineering
19 Dr. Yasser Mahmoud Kazem Muhammad Al-Khashali Lecturer Head of Civil Engineering Department PhD in civil engineering/soil mechanics
20 Prof. Dr. Kazem Hamza Ghulam Musaad Asakreh Prof Representative of the founding body PhD in Mechanical / Vibration Engineering
21 Asst. Lect. Hala Adnan Hashem Mahmoud Al-Mashata Asst. Lect Faculty Representative MA in Mathematics and Computer Applications
22 Dr. Mustafa Razak Hussein Lecturer Decision-maker


College Council

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