Ongoing Education Unit


The ongoing education unit at Dijlah University College seeks to provide a high-level model of training programs, administrative, legal and scientific consultations to achieve a high level of excellence to reach global standards in the performance of institutional sectors in Iraq.


The message

Working on training, developing and qualifying the individuals at Dijlah University College and the various groups of society in ministries and state institutions, as well as distinctive and active participations in the development of human resources which contributes to raising competitiveness.


The objectives of the centre

  • Contribute to the development of teaching methods and modern styles and standards for education, and training the faculty members to upgrade the level of university education, as well as to raise the level of performance of managers and employees of government and private sectors through programs and training courses that keep dealing with the age requirements.
  • Dissemination of concepts of using the means of information and communication technology in university education and support related projects, through the preparation of rehabilitation and training programs for different terms of specializations.
  • Organizing training courses in multiple disciplines that achieve labour market requirements that will increase trainee skills and promote their professional and scientific levels.
  • Organizing courses, workshops and seminars related to e-learning and the mechanism of its application and how to benefit from it in the university education.
  • Providing scientific, technical and educational consultations are provided in the field of specialization for colleges and scientific departments.


Courses available in the ongoing education unit:-

Available Courses in the Ongoing Education Unit
NO Name Price
1 English 140
2 The computer 85
3 Accounting 150
4 Analytics 125
5 Comprehensive analytics 200
6 Nursing 165
7 X-ray and sonar 200
8 Eyesight check 180
9 Natural therapy 180
10 The pharmacy 200
11 Non-surgical cosmetic 200
12 Design and sewing 200
13 Mobile maintenance 300
14 Refrigeration maintenance 200
15 Photoshop 110
No Name Sequence The name of the lecturer or trainer Starting Date Ending date Venue
1 Pharmaceutical Marketing 1 First Noor Ibrahim Said 05/09/2021





Dijlah University College
2 eyesight check First Asst. Lect. Muhaimen Samir Arif 06/09/2021




Dijlah University College
3 Practical Accounting Third Dr..Ali Razak Ali






Dijlah University College
4 Non-surgical cosmetic Fourth Hajar Bashir Ibrahim 11/09/2021




Dijlah University College
5 Pathological analyses Fourteenth lect. Ali Hussein Alwan

Lect. Nawar Rushdi Jaber

Asst. Lect. Ola Liwa Hussain

Noor Odeh Muhammed





Dijlah University College
6 Rays Third Asst. Dr. Muhammad Baqir Hussain






Dijlah University College
7 Fundamentals of nursing and first aid Thirteenth Radi Sultan Hamid 05/10/2021




Dijlah University College
8 English Language


Tenth Asst. Lect. Amany Akram Yehia 06/10/2021





Dijlah University College
9 English Language- Online Based


Fourth Asst. Lect. Ali Mohsin Ali 09/10/2021




Dijlah University College
10 Computer skills Tenth Dr. Mustafa Karim Abdel

Dr. Haider Ghani Abdel-Zahra






Dijlah University College
11 Pathological analyses Fifteenth lect. Ali Hussein Alwan

Lect. Nawar Rushdi Jaber

Asst. Lect. Ola Liwa Hussain

Noor Odeh Muhammed





Dijlah University College
12 Non-surgical cosmetic Fifth Hajar Bashir Ibrahim 29/11/2021




Dijlah University College
13 Practical Accounting Fourth Dr. Hussein Falah Hassan

Dr.. Huda Nazim Khalbas





Dijlah University College
14 Fundamentals of nursing and first aid


Fourteenth Radi Sultan Hamid 04/12/2021





Dijlah University College
15 Training course competition on spelling and composition challenge First Dr. Amal Yassin,

Dr. Heba Adel,

Asst. Lect. Zainab Abbas,

Asst. Lect. Jawaher Hamad







Dijlah University College
16 Advanced computer and excel skills eleventh Lect. Muhammad Huwaidi 21/12/2021




Dijlah University College
17 English Language 11


eleventh Asst. Lect. Amany Akram Yehia 12/01/2022




Dijlah University College
18 Pathological analyses Sixteenth Lect. Ali Hussein Alwan

Asst. Lect. Sarmad Faleh Muhammad






Dijlah University College
19 Fundamentals of nursing and first aid Fifteenth Radi Sultan Hamid 22/01/2022





Dijlah University College
20 Physiotherapy First Abdullah Amer Ismail 12/02/2022




Dijlah University College
21 English Language Twelfth Aya Ahmed Saeed






Dijlah University College
22 Microsoft word First Asst. Lac. Ali Majid Muslim






Dijlah University College
23 Programming and web design First Dr. Salem Mohamed Zaki


Iyad Murad Muhammad






Dijlah University College
24 Rays Third Asst. Dr. Muhammad Baqir Hussain






Dijlah University College
25 Fundamentals of nursing and first aid


Sixteenth Radi Sultan Hamid 22/03/2022




Dijlah University College
26 The latest technology for dental sculpting


First Zulfiqar Majid Hassan


Raed Abdul Khaleq






Dijlah University College
27 Advanced computer and excel skills Twelfth Asst. Lect. Ali Majeed Muslim Dijlah University College
No Name The name of the lecturer Starting Date Venue
1 Key to Success and Time Management


Dr. Salem Mohamed Zaki 20/10/2021


Attended at Dijlah University College
2 Managing Students Attendance Using Google Sheets


Dr.. Sinan Qahtan Muhammed 10/27/2021


3 Graduation Projects


Dr. Salem Mohamed Zaki 10/28/2021


Attended at Dijlah University College
No Name The name of the lecturer Starting Date Venue
1 Petroleum investment in Iraq contracts for licensing rounds Prof. Dr. Akram Salem

Asst. Lect. Ahmed Saad



Attended at Dijlah University College
2 How to prepare graduation research for students of the fourth stage Lect. Mohsen Arouq 11/6/2021


3 The importance of using ergonomics rules in the workplace Lect. Saja Riad 11/10/2021


4 How to prepare the annual budgets of the state Lect. Abdul Khader Salman 11/13/2021


5 College graduates and green jobs Lect. Farah Ali 11/27/2021


6 Methods of scientific research in accounting thought Dr. Muayyad Muhammad Ali Al-Fadl

Lect. Muthanna Abdul Wahed

Dr.. Hussein Falah Hassan



7 Using Benford’s Law to Detect Financial Fraud Dr.. Abdel Karim Mahmoud Mohamed 11/10/2021


8 Cryptocurrency study Dr. Hussein Falah Hassan

Dr. Muhammad Anwar Halawi

Dr. Huda Nazim Khalbas



9 How to solve inheritance problems Asst. Lect. Dr. Muhammad Rashid Abbas 11/2/2021


Attended at Dijlah University College
10 How to write a graduation research project Asst. Lect. Shatha Fares Tariq


Asst. Lect. Dina Hamed Sahib



Attended at Dijlah University College
11 Important Excel Functions and its Application


Asst. Lect. Laith Mukhles Abdul-Jabbar 11/20/2021


12 Introduction to Digitalization and Branding


Dr. Salem Mohamed Zaki 11/3/2021



Attended at Dijlah University College
13 Publishing in High Impact Journals


 Dr. Sinan Qahtan Muhammad


Dr. Mustafa Karim Abdel

2021/11/7-6 Online
14 Writing and publishing scientific research Dr. Ismail Khalil Al-Khatib 2021/11/20


Attended at Dijlah University College
15 Online exam via Google Classroom platform Asst.Lect. Ansam Ahmed Alwan 11/26/2021


No Instructor’s name Title Date The location of the activity
1 Dr. Hashem Ahmed Mahmoud Legal regulation of technology transfer contracts 1/12/2021 Attended at Dijlah University College
2 Dr. Muayyad Muhammad Ali Al-Fadl
Dr. Hussein Falah Hassan
Mechanisms for dealing with evening studies revenues in Iraqi universities (evaluation and treatment) 1/12/2021 Online
3 Dr. Omar Sabruddin Aziz Master your interview 1/12/2021 Attended at Dijlah University College
4 Dr. Tariq Adnan MPEG video coding standard 02/12/2021 Online
5 Asst. Lect. Mohamed Falih Hamza Design exam questions on Google Form 12/03/2021 Online
6 Asst. Lect. Ansam Ahmed Alwan How to put and correct electronic questions using Google Forms 04/12/2021 Attended at Dijlah University College
7 Dr. Sinan Qahtan Mohammed Saleh Students Attendance System 4/12/2021 Attended at Dijlah University College
8 Dr. Saleh Abdullah Hussein
Asst. Lect. hasan Ahmed Hassan
Seminar on the dangers of the new mutated corona virus Omicron 6/12/2021 Attended at Dijlah University College
9 Lect. Riyad Basil Abdul-Jabbar How to download the answer in PDF form in the Classroom platform 7/12/2021 Online
10 Asst. Lect. Jenan Salman Nahi Disciplinary responsibility of the worker in light of the provisions of the Iraqi Labor Law No. 37 of 2015 7/12/2021 Attended at Dijlah University College
11 Asst. Lect. Haider Lafta is stubborn
Asst. Lect Salima Rashid
How to design a capillary tube type expansion valve used in refrigeration systems 7/12/2021 Online
12 Dr. Mona Mostafa Biomaterial and their significance in biomedical applications 7/12/2021 Online
13 Dr. Moayed Muhammad Ali Al-Fadl

Dr. Falah Hadi

Asst. Lect. Abdul-Kadhim Faeq

Accounting Education in Iraq
(Reality and Ambition)
8/12/2021 Online
14 Dr. Azza Hamid Abdel Salam How to create a successful industrial project in the private sector 8/12/2021 Online
15 Lect. Muhammad Abdul-Jabbar Ahmad
Lect.  Ali Hussain Alwan
Summer training in medical laboratories – its objectives, mechanisms, future dimensions 8 – 9/12/2021 Attended at Dijlah University College
16 Lect. Ola Hussein Abdul Ali Dc-Dc converter (chopper) using SMPS 09/12/2021 Online
17 Lect. Etisam Jaber Financial education: concept and importance 9/12/2021 Online
18 Dr. Mohamed Amer Ahmed Innovative technology of Smart Structure in civil engineering 11/12/2021 Online
19 Dr. Jamal Daoud Salman


Dr. Mazhar Muhammad Salih

The effectiveness of monetary policy in Iraq – reality and challenges 11/12/2021 Attended at Dijlah University College
20 Asst. Lect. Hanadi Qais Abboud

Dr. Hassan Hadi Ali

The importance of English language in
the Academic Society
11/12/2021 Attended at Dijlah University College
21 Dr. Hassan Ahmed Hassan

Prof. Dr. Shaker Mahmoud Lafta

The importance of the eyewear industry 12/13/2021 Attended at Dijlah University College
22 Dr. Raad Ahmed Modern techniques used in the dental industry in cooperation with private laboratories 12/13/2021 Attended at Dijlah University College
23 Asst. Lect. Alaa Mezher Mahdi Procedural basics in establishing Iraqi companies 12/14/2021 Attended at Dijlah University College
24 Asst. Lect. Mahdi Mowaffaq Introduction to MATLAB 12/14/2021 Online
25 Dr.. Ola Mohamed Haddawi Introduction to PREZI, a non-linear presentation tool 12/14/2021 Online
26  Dr.. Moayad Muhammad Ali Al-Fadl,


Dr. Kamal Al-Naqeeb

The role of Islamic civilization in the development of accounting thought 12/15/2021 Online
27 Dr. Manal Fenjan Gum Legality of United Nations resolutions against Iraq 12/15/2021 Attended at Dijlah University College
28 Lect. Abdel Moneim Abdel Wahed Online Resume 12/15/2021 Online
29 Dr Maha Rashid Abdul Hamid Turkish dams and their impact on water resources in Iraq 12/16/2021 Online
30 Dr.. Nizar Jabbar Data Compression Technique 12/18/2021 Online
31 Dr. Mohamed Hadi Ali Scientific Research and Application Ethics 12/19/2021 Online
32 Prof. Dr. Shahd Nidal How to prepare and present a scientific report using Power Point 20/12/2021 Attended at Dijlah University College
33 Dr. Muhammad Moneim Gabr Evaluation of failed bored pile in soft soil 21/12/2021 Online
34 Dr.. Najah Mahmoud

Dr. Zaid Ali Hussein,

Lect  Muhammad Hamza Dawood

Basics of writing a graduation thesis 21/12/2021 Online
35 Prof. Dr. Mohamed Abdel Qader

Asst. Lect. Samer Fadel Thamer

Pragmatics: literal and non-literal meaning 22/12/2021 Attended at Dijlah University College
36 M. Zina Hussein Fahd Tips to Find IT Jobs 22/12/2021 Online
37 Dr.. Muayyad Muhammad Ali Al-Fadl

Dr. Falah Hadi Saleh


Dr Abdul Karim Mahmoud

Evaluating the reality of the accounting system in the companies of the Ministry of Industry 12/23/2021 Online
38 Asst. Lect. Saddam Hamdan Adopting international accounting standards to improve system performance 25/12/2021 Online
39 Dr.. Nizar Jabbar Selective encryption to significant information 25/12/2021 Online
40 Dr.. Mahdi Daoud Suleiman Scientific methods for writing research according to the American method APA 26/12/2021 Attended at Dijlah University College
41 Dr.. Ola Mohamed Haddawi
Asst. Lect. Zahra Amore Ali
General understanding of simulation 27/12/2021 Online
42 Lect. Ali Hussein Alwan

Asst. Lect. Sarmad Faleh Muhammad

Modern methods of diagnosing antibiotic-resistant bacteria 29/12/2021 Online
43 Dr. Maha Rashid Abdul Hamid Reasons for the collapse of water harvesting dams 29/12/2021 Online
No Title Instructor’s name Date Venue
1 The university’s ethical commitment and its role in building the student’s leadership personality Prof. Dr. Shaker Mahoud Lafta

Prof. Dr. Amal Mohsen Nagy

3/1/2022 Dijlah University College
2 e-learning applications Prof. Dr. Saba Nazih Abdel Ghaffar 3/1/2022 Dijlah University College
3 Eye blindness check up Asst. Lect. Muhaimin Samir Aref
Asst. Lect. Amina Emad El Din
4/1/2022 Dijlah University College
4 How to prepare and write a graduation project Prof. Dr. Shaker Mahoud Lafta

Prof. Dr. Amal Mohsen Nagy

4/1/2022 Dijlah University College
5 Using Excel functions to quickly calculate students’ quests Dr. Wissam Sobhi 4/1/2022 Google Meet
6 Education for Sustainable Development Dr. Faten angry David 4/1/2022 Google Meet
7 E-learning and interactive lectures Prof. Dr. Saba Nazih Abdel Ghaffar 5/1/2022 Dijlah University College
8 Stages of development of the administrative judiciary Asst. Lect. Muhammad Kazem 5/1/2022 Dijlah University College
9 Cloud computing : present & future Dr. Secret Khalil 5/1/2022 Google Meet
10 The role of knowledge sharing in achieving organizational excellence Lect. Riam Qassem 5/1/2022 Google Meet
11 Cash liquidity and its impact on the performance of central banking Dr. Mahmoud Dagher 8/1/2022 Dijlah University College
12 Orientation for Students Lect. Sarah Yahya Lect. thunder medal 8/1/2022 Dijlah University College
13 Analyze the stats data using the Spss program Prof. Dr. Amal Mohsen Naji Muhammad

Prof. Dr. Marwa Abdel Reda Kazem

9/1/2022 Dijlah University College
14 IT Services & Gmail Lect. Ali Taha


Lect. Abdel Moneim Abdel Wahed

9/1/2022 Dijlah University College
15 Ruling on abortion in the jurisprudence and legal rules Dr. Abdul Khaleq Toban 9/1/2022 Dijlah University College
16 Google Workspace Lect. Zina Tariq


Lect. Zeina Hussein

10/1/2022 Dijlah University College
17 21 st century soft skills Dr. Poornima 10/1/2022 Online
18 Methodology for updating the applications of the unified accounting system in accordance with international financial reporting standards Dr. Sami Jabbar Amber 11/1/2022 Dijlah University College
19 The most important business mistakes in business behavior Asst. Lect. Silwan Muzaffar Abdul Amir 12/1/2022 Dijlah University College
20 Theatrical representation of the language of poetry Asst. Lect. Ali Mohsen Ali 01/15/2022 Dijlah University College
21 How to deal with Google educational applications Asst. Lect. Enas Urgent Asst. Lect. Donia Abbas Khaled 01/15/2022 Dijlah University College
22 Scientific competition for the law department Prof. Dr. Mohammed Salman Mahmoud


Dr. Abdullah Issa Mutashar


Dr. Marwa Abdel Jalil Shanaba


Dr. Ansam Ahmed Alwan

16/1/2022 Dijlah University College
23 Controlling manufacturing quality costs in improving financial performance in industrial companies Asst. Lect. Saddam Hamdan Akad 01/22/2022 Online
24 How to use e-learning applications Lect. Muthanna Abdul Wahed Khudair Dr. Abdul-Kadhim Faeq Wahib. 01/23/2022 Online
25 Analysis of financial statements according to the government financial accounting system Asst. Lect. Saddam Hamdan Akad 01/24/2022 Online
26 Accounting errors in checking accounting entries in Iraqi banks Asst. Lect. Saddam Hamdan Akad 26/1/2022 Online
27 Introducing students to e-learning platforms Dr. Heba Adel Mahdi


Dr Jawaher Hamad Abdel Sada

01/28/2022 Online
No Title Instructor’s name Date Venue
1 Introducing scholarships abroad Dr. Maha Rashid Abdel Hamid


Asst. Lect. Mohamed Saad

02/05/2022 Online
2 How to use Google Classroom for Students Dr. Sama Fakhri Ali 02/09/2022 Dijlah University College
3 The mechanism of conducting the electronic exam to find out what difficulties students face during the exam and trying to overcome them Dr. Saba Nazih Abdel Ghaffar


Lect. Zeina Tariq Nayef

02/20/2022 Online
No Title Instructor’s name Date Venue
1 Consciousness and awareness Dr. Saba Nazih Abdul


Ghaffar Rabbi Khaled Ahmed Faqar


Dirar Mahdi

01/03/2022 Dijlah University College
2 Strategies for economic work for the next stage Dr. Aladdin Nasser


Prof. Dr. Mohammed


Salman Mahmoud

02/03/2022 Dijlah University College
3 Procedures to pass electronic exams Prof. Omar Saber El Din Aziz


Asst Lect. Rose Radi Sultan

05/03/2022 Online
4 Electronic tests and treatment of obstacles during the performance of the test Dr. Saba Nazih Abdel Ghaffar 03/06/2022 Online
5 The effective extent of the effects of the penalty in the rules of pleadings Dr. Marwa Abdel Jalil Shanaba 15/03/2022 Dijlah University College
6 Indicators of financial inclusion and their impact on the performance of Iraqi commercial banks Dr. Supporter Muhammad Ali Al-Fadl


Dr. Faleh Hadi Saleh

03/16/2022 Online
7 Language Assessment in Time of Pandemic: Its measures and utilizations Dr. Armand James A. Vallejo 03/17/2022 Online
8 E-learning and how to deal with it Asst. Lect. Abdul-Kazim Faeq


Dr. Heba Adel Mahdi


Asst. Lect. Jawaher Muhammad Abdul-Sada


Asst. Lect. Muthanna Abdul Wahed Khudair

03/19/2022 Online
9 The evolution of accounting software and its importance in reducing the impact of the human control center Dr. Supporter Muhammad Ali Al-Fadl


Lect. Muthanna Abdul Wahed Khudair

23/03/2022 Online
10 The art of self-confidence Dr. Manal Qteishat


Dr. The spectrum of Abdul Hussein inside

03/26/2022 Online
11 Calligraphy Dr. Ahmed Mezher inside Al-Wasti,


Asst. Lect. Zainab Abbas Abdullah

03/30/2022 Dijlah University College