Based on the term of the Scientific Supervision and Evaluation Authority No. / Jim Dal / Alif / 281 on 01/26/2022

Dijlah University College, in cooperation with the Iraqi Council for Accreditation of Engineering Education, held a workshop on national standards for accrediting engineering education programs, which includes the following three lectures:

The first lecture: (About the Council and Standards) carried out by the Chairman of the Council

Dr. Ziyad Suleiman Muhammad Khaled.

The second lecture: (Education based on learning results) carried out by a council member

Prof. Dr. Ali Naji Attia

The third lecture: (Measuring and evaluating learning results) carried out by a council member

Dr. Jalal Muhammed Jalil

And that is at 10 o’clock in the morning exactly on Saturday 12/3/2022 in Dijlah University College. The workshop has been attended by faculty members in government and private engineering faculties.