Department of Information Technology

About us,

The Department of Information Technology at Dijlah University College adapts the latest technologies in the management, security of networks and databases in order to promote a culture of e-governance. It also deals with every technological aspect related to information technology in the college, such as managing the e-mail system, programming applications for the college departments, maintaining computers and protecting against viruses.

The Achievements of Information Technology department

The rapporteurs Program

This (application/program) manages the students’ grading system, which is used by the rapporteurs for the purpose of creating masters (records). This program is designed according to the best used programming techniques and it has been programmed by (Electron JS, Angular Js, Node Js) and the database used is MySql.

The Student Enrollment Program

This (application/program) manages student information storage, which is used by the Registration and Student Affairs Department for the purpose of generating statistical numbers and managing administrative orders (failure, passing, backlogging, etc.) This program is designed according to the best used software techniques and it has been programmed…

The Electronic Archiving Program

This (application / program) manages the archiving system for receiving and sending letters, which is used by the administrative department for the purpose of archiving all administrative orders.

The Weekly lecture schedule Program

This (application / program) creates, organizes and configures the weekly lecture schedule, which is used by the rapporteurs. This program is designed according to the best used software techniques, it has been programmed by (VueJS, NodeJs) and the database used is MySql.

The Student allotment program

The function of this (application/program) is to allot students to the examination halls, which is used by the Central Examination Committee for the purpose of preparing to perform examinations.  This program is designed according to the best used software techniques, it has been programmed by ( ElectronJS , VueJS , NodeJs )



The Management of Information Technology Department

The management task of the Information Technology Department is to distribute tasks among the employees of the department, each according to its responsibilities, and manages the implementation of those tasks and monitors them to reach the highest levels of efficiency in all tasks assigned for the department. These tasks are managing the college’s website and periodic meetings with members of the website’s link in all departments and those who are responsible for managing the website’s pages. In addition to that, it manages the university’s postal tasks of the college by communicating with all departments and sending instructions and electronic tasks. The department’s task also includes searching the best electronic approach to enterprise management and protect its information through designing and programming the electronic systems for managing the departments and units of the college. This will provide the best manners to develop the information network and software for the college infrastructure, which depends on the Internet system designed with high efficiency and professionalism. Moreover, it provides all technical, and software services to the college departments.

Tasks of the Information Technology Department at Dijlah University College are:

  1. Managing the Electronic E-mail System, which includes: adding, deleting, adjusting, controlling the passport of students, staff, employees, sending official instructions, advertisements and collective announcement to staff, employees, and students, as well as specify the teaching staff authorities for addressing students according to their departments, stages, and sections.
  2. Designing an electronic lecture system (LMS), publishing and updating electronic lectures on the college’s website to make academic resources available to all students.
  3. Managing the college database server and updating college programs.
  4. Managing the college’s website, updating, publishing all news and schedules, and following up on the latest developments in modern technology to provide all college information in the best electronic form.
  5. Securing, managing the Internet system and working to provide the service in all parts of the institution for the purpose of communication between departments by means of the college’s electronic system and sending and receiving all official electronic notifications.
  6. Maintaining the college’s internal computer networks system, protecting them from viruses, maintaining all kinds of computers in the college, and providing computers with all kinds of software.
  7. Managing database systems for the registration and administration departments in the college with regard to students and employees.