Vision, mission and goals


Dijlah University College strives for achieving leadership and excellence in the field of higher education and scientific research, and that is to serve its students and staff through the development of its private and educational programs with a highest quality, it happens according to solid scientific foundations and within international standards and the investment of modern technologies to qualify individuals of future leaders to interact with their community and environment.


Firstly, is to provide academic programs at different stages of education which is lined with the directives of the Ministry of higher education and scientific research, as well as active participation in the development of technologies, and improving continuously in the educational and research system at the college through continuous cooperation with the staff in various scientific and administrative disciplines.


Secondly, it is to prepare a human equipped with theoretical knowledge, practical experiences and positive behaviours, and have them acquire the ability to employ that in building themselves and developing their community by the latest scientific and technological methods and means, this takes place through the development of essential disciplines to keep pace with the growths of the nowadays technology and the needs of society.


Lastly, Indorse creativity and effective communication, develop a sense of responsibility, achieve learning, encourage creative activities and services for a scientific environment in which students and staff exchange high-status university traditions, as well as assign a role for educational guidance in addressing students ‘ difficulties.



  1. The main goals of the university is to cultivate cognitive, intellectual and innovative skills among students and communicating with them through a combination of theoretical and practical studies that works to qualify them to attain the essential knowledge, techniques and practical skills needed by the labour market, this is handled through the provision of scientific, research and computer laboratories, in addition to prepare classrooms with modern technologies.
  2. Maintaining pace with scientific and technical progress through the expansion of educational procedures and curricula of the standard quality, which contributes to the formation of staff that capable of subsidizing to the service of society.
  3. Developing the scientific programs at DUC under the modern scientific trends, and concentrates the attention to expand the patterns of higher education, methods and means of providing it, Refining the quality of education and improving its productivities, fulfilling the obligations of the educational process and opening Scientific, Humanitarian and practical departments to serve the community.
  4. Part of the goal is to attract distinguished faculty members in various general and precise disciplines and provide the appropriate environment for them, as well as building partnerships between the college and other colleges along with other local and international universities, that is in order to raise the level of the educational process in all its aspects ( student, faculty member, scientific material), and develop the skills of teaching staff through the provision of modern teaching technology and support them to take part in local and international courses and conferences.
  5. Applying the standards, policies, characteristics, mechanisms and practices of the University to assure the quality performance of the system to all of the College sections, that is to control its educational and research outputs, which gives it the trust of the community and other educational institutions and working on the application of the principle of ( twinning ) with high-status Arab and international universities and colleges for the purpose of looking forward to the latest developments in various academic and scientific fields, and using media and online management techniques.