Registration and Student Affairs Department

Vision of the Department

The Registration and Student Affairs Department seeks to achieve everything that would help students to treat their study cases in accordance with the ministerial regulations and instructions, by simplifying the procedures for student affairs and radically transfer them from traditional methods to modern technical means to ensure the procedures for their admission and registration in our college in an easy way to achieve excellence, develop work and ensure quality performance.

The message

The tasks of the Registration and Student Affairs Department are embodied in everything related to student issues, whether technical or administrative, starting from the student’s admission to the university until his graduation, by following up and coordinating between the faculties in the light of the general objectives and requirements for community development, following up on the implementation of decisions issued by the higher authorities, and organizing and coordinating the admission of students as it is the link between the student and the university on the one hand, and between the colleges and the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and external parties on the other hand, as it is concerned with applying the foundations and instructions issued by the Ministry of Higher Education, in addition to its interest to direct and supervise everything related to student issues that are accomplished through the registration people in the colleges Certainly, the department’s message cannot be achieved without the interaction and support of the higher administration at the university for the work and procedures of the Registration and Student Affairs Department.



  • Building bridges of trust between the student and the college.
  • Putting the required administrative and organizational foundations.
  • Taking care of students’ rights in all aspects guaranteed to them by the laws and instructions in force. Create a database for all university graduates.
  • Providing the best service and the best reception to the university student that meets the technical development and keeping the instructions and laws in force.
  • Getting rid of the long routine that confuses administrative work and hinders the education process in the country.



Documents required for application

1- The nationality card or the unified card of the student.

2- The nationality card of the student’s father/the nationality card of the student’s mother or the unified card, the death certificate in the event that one of them is dead.

3- Residence card.

4- Confirmation of grades from the school or a copy of a certified graduation document, if available during the application period

5- The document of the institute, in case the student is also a graduate of the institute and wishes to add additional grades to the application rate.

Documents required to register accepted students

1- Nationality card or the unified card of the student (3 copies).

2- The nationality card of the student’s father / the nationality card of the student’s mother or the unified card, the death certificate in the event that one of them is dead (one copy).

3- Residence card (3 copies).

4- A certified graduation document and addressed exclusively to our college with (3 copies).

5- A medical examination from a health center.

6 – Up to date photos, (6).

Number of students for  the academic year (2019-2020-2021)

Dijlah University College

Accepted students for the years 2018-2019 / 2019-2020 / 2020-2021

No Department 2018-2019 2019-2020 2020-2021 Total
1- Dentistry 199 198 173 570
2- Engineering of medical devices techniques 46 46
3- Pathological analysis techniques 175 404 278 857
4- Dental industry techniques 74 137 137 348
5- Optics techniques 87 220 236 543
6- Civil Engineering 78 60 118 256
7- Computer technology engineering 285 144 172 601
8- Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Technologies Engineering 135 105 139 378
9- Computer Science 50 27 45 122
10- Finical and Banking Sciences 182 145 71 398
11- Accounting 70 70
12- Business Administration 358 258 256 872
13- Law 349 230 379 958
14- Media 186 61 63 310
15- Arabic language 110 57 68 235
16- English language 40 40


Admission minimum limits and tuition fees for the departments of Dijlah University College for the academic year 2020-2021

No Department Preparatory school branch   Morning studies Fees Evening Studies Fees
1- Dentistry Sientific,Biology   82.2 9.500.000  

For average more than 96

2- Pathological analysis techniques Sientific,Biology   62.5 3.000000 56.5 3.000000
3- Dental industry techniques Sientific,Biology   62.5 3.300000 56.5 3.000000
4- Civil Engineering Sientific,Practical   63.5 2.800000 58.5 2.650000
5- Computer technology engineering Sientific,Biology,Practical   59.5 2.900000 54.5 2.650000
  Graduates of industrial school Electronic and Control 62.5   57.5  
    Computer maintenance        
    Electricity, Electric capacity        
    Medical devices        
    Technology of Media        
    Computer, Computer network        
    Graduates of vocational training institutes        
  Computer and information technology branch Computer assembling and repairing 59.5   54.5  
    Computer network        
    Cell Phones and Laptops        
6- Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Technologies Engineering Sientific,Biology,Practical   59.5 2.700000 54.5 2.500000
  Graduates of industrial school Production-mechanic 62.5   57.5  
    Refrigeration and Air Conditioning        
    Mechatronics of cars        
    Industrial technology        
    Electric and gas welding        
    Refrigeration and Air Conditioning        
    Operating mechanical maintenance        
    metal fabrication product






    Machines and equipment


    Pumps and turbines






    Water treatment networks





    Agricultural mechanization


    Graduates of vocational training institutes        
7- Optics techniques Sientific,Biology,Practical   62.5 2.500000 57.5 2.250000
8- Computer science Sientific,Biology,Practical   56.5 1.800000 51.5 1.650000
9- Law Sientific,Biology,Practical   56.5 2.100000 51.5 2.000000
10- Business administration Sientific,Biology,Practical, Literary, commercial   Trade-off 2.100000 Trade-off 2.000000
    Warehouse management        
    Electronic  Administration        
11- Finical and Banking Sciences Sientific,Biology,Practical, Literary, commercial          
12 Media Sientific,Biology,Practical, Literary,          
  graduates of vocational school Technology of Media        
12- Arabic language Sientific,Biology,Practical, Literary, commercial, institute of teachers   Trade-off 1.250000 Trade-off 1000000
13- Engineering of medical devices techniques Sientific,Biology,Practical   59.5 3000000    
  graduates of vocational school Electronic and control of medical devices 62.5      
14 Accounting Sientific,Biology,Practical, Literary, commercial, General


Trade- off 2.000000    
15- The English language Literature Sientific,Biology,Practical, Literary, Teachers institute   Trade –off 1.600000