Within the strategic vision of Dijlah University College and its openness to all educational and professional institutions, whether local or international, and after the partnerships and memorandums of understanding that took place during the past periods, the joint cooperation between the Central Technical University and Dijlah University College aims at development and training the scientific and administrative fields whether on teachers or Scientific and research laboratories or conferences. The two universities signed a memorandum of understanding and joint cooperation in a meeting attended by the President of the Central Technical University, Prof. Dr. Abdel-Mohsen Naji Al-Muhaisen and the Dean of Dijlah University College , Prof. Dr. Saeed Abdel-Hadi Al-Marhej and a number of administrative assistants , heads and directors of departments

The meeting began with an introduction to the history of the two universities, the most important scientific achievements, the definition of scientific and research activities, and the local and international classifications for each university, while the President of the Central Technical University, Dr. Abd Imhsin Naji expressed his happiness at opening the door for cooperation and understanding to support the educational process and improve the scientific, research and administrative reality, explaining that the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Prof. Dr. Naeem Al-Aboudi, supports all forms of cooperation and understanding between Iraqi universities.

Naji added that each of the two universities has its own scientific, training and logistical space, and these memorandums and understandings will inevitably reflect the educational benefit on everyone, whether in the fields of training, development or scientific research.

For his part, the Dean of Dijlah University College , Prof. Saeed Abdel-Hadi, expressed his happiness with this cooperation, stressing that the university ‘s approach and vision continuously targets cooperation and openness to local and international institutions and universities, and that this cooperation will add more benefit to both sides.

Abdel-Hadi added that the university is proud of its long journey in the training and development processes, whether for its students or its teachers, in addition to including the youth cadres of its graduates in the Department of Leadership and Entrepreneurship, expressing his hope that the terms of the agreement will enter into force at an early date.

The memorandum included a set of items, both in terms of developing curricula and exchanging resources, research and books between the two sides, as well as setting up training and development workshops for both teachers and technicians.

The agreement also included cooperation files in graduation projects for students of the two universities, in addition to laboratories, workshops, lectures, scientific research by specialists, and joint conferences.

As for students, the memorandum included cooperation in terms of exchanging scientific visits and participating in activities between the two sides, whether scientific, mathematical or technical, as well as holding joint student seminars and scientific debates between students of the two universities.

The signing of the memorandum ended with the exchange of bouquets of roses and commemorative shields, to be a positive start that will not stop at the wishes and official protocols, but rather will be a starting point for improving the scientific and educational reality in the country.