The available books & resources at Djilas University College

The library at Djilas university college is  a scientific place and the most lecturers and students went to this library in order to get a high information from these books and resources which has been founded at this library for scientific research . The library keeper at Djilas university college (Bushra Ahmed Fadhil ) referred to the most tutors  and students came to this library in general day and the numbers of students may be increase in mid –terms exam and final exams. The library keeper at Djilas university college referred to the types of books and resources  founded and these books bought from Arabic universities and some books and other resources bought from many international universities and institutions . Also she talked about the types of resources and books , and there are many types of books in medicine , economic, English, literature, novel , poetry , dram , political, engineering and different sciences . Finally the keeper of library at Djilas university college said that she wanted to become Djilas library the best one in the future, more expanded and she also said that she hoped the library at   Djilas university to compete with another universities.

available books