Exam instructions for students (attendance)

Dear students,


To organize the work for the online final exams, please following points


  1. The dates of the first stage , and third stage exams will be at (9:30-12:30) in the morning, and the second and the fourth stage exams will be at (1:00-4:00) in the afternoon.


  1. be sure of the date and the subject date of the material.


  1. Be sure to wear a uniform during the examination and your bring ID card


  1. The exam will be through the college’s official email, and the student installs the Google Classroom and Google Meet.


5 . The exam is performed using a computer, phone, or tablet, either directly on Google forms or using papers.


  1. if the answer be on the paper, use one side of the paper with a blue or black pen, the size of the paper is A4. The student writes his name, the name of the subject, department, and class on the upper right side of the paper with a signature of all papers with the sequence of papers writes the question, and sends the answer in the form of PDF.


  1. The student must activate the flight mode and then turn on the Wi-Fi to prevent receiving calls during the exam to prevent interruption of the exam. If you use the SIM card network, all contacts must be blocked to prevent interruption of the exam during the call or incoming messages to the device


  1. If there were any obstacles or problems during the exam, please contact the committee’s phone numbers examination for the department or send a message to the official e-mail of the department


  1. The student keeps the original exam paper and submits it to the exam committee after unblock


  1. The student registers his name in the (Chat) field of Google meet and does not write anything other than the name and activating the meet through the link that will arrive through the Classroom in the user’s device via email


  1. The attention that withdrawing from the Classroom program will lead to the disappearance of the student’s information from the Classroom platform and therefore he is not considered a participant in the exam