Virtual Library at Djilas University College

Djilas University College Library 

Djilas University College is one of the most important academy in Iraq which has been established according to recommendation from higher education and scientific research which number (3322) in 27/10/2004 according to the law of establishing the private universities and colleges which numbered (13) for the year 1996.  Djilas university college has been included the most important academics lecturers and it has been tried to develop these establishments through make contract with many international universities and national universities in order to develop infrastructure of this university .  Furthermore, Djilas  university college has been interested in  building and establishing  a special academic which has  compound in the center of  Baghdad town to become a huge scientific palace and this is referred to the grow development for this university in all different types .


 Library location at Djilas university college 

The library location at DUC has been consisted of a large number of library data base such as electronic books , dissertations ,theses, researches for graduate students at Djilas university college and indexes for all departments at DUC. This library data base which involved available books at DUC library , headline of books , authors and book card which joined  together with (pdf) system and these approaches help any researchers , students , academic lecturers and the visitors to know the index of books and the content of books before using and borrowed.  A large number of electronic books founded at Djilas university college and classified according to departments of university and it included approximately 600 electronic books and these books help researchers and give each one a chance to download these books by using account of    



Electronic dissertations this is consider the most important links at and this site which includes 1500 thesis , dissertation and higher diploma for academic lecturers at Djilas university college and these sites  can help lecturers or students to make download theses researches and dissertations . Students researches at DUC, it plays a vital role and occupies a high rank at university and it is a fruitful of students efforts for many years .      




Djilas University college has been included a huge numbers of books which approximately (8000) besides that varieties of libraries , dissertations libraries and this help DUC to become a high marvelous scientific state . The departments which  has available  at DUC library includes economics, administration , statistics , media, religion ,English , computer science, mathematics, medicine ,sociology ,psychology , physics , chemical , financial, magazine , volumes and accountant .