We extend our sincere thanks and gratitude to His Excellency the Honourable Minister of Higher Education for his great support to our universities and private colleges. And his diligent follow-up, whose tangible results were the ascent of many of our faculties to the top ranks in international classifications to advanced ranks. As a culmination of trust, we will work hard to ensure that our educational institutions are faithful to them.

As we are about to finalize this academic year, we have no choice but to extend our thanks to the advanced staff in our ministry, the distinguished professors and honourable colleagues in the ministerial team and the various ministerial follow-up committees for their continuous efforts, careful follow-up and sounded guidance that accompanied our work throughout our academic year… We, without missing anyone, thank all our colleagues in our circle of private university education for their efforts throughout this year.
We show prayers to Allah for success and achievement for the service of our country.

Dr. Saeed Abdul Hadi Al-Marhej,
Dean of the College