The Dean of DUC’s word on the occasion of the new academic year launch.

To colleagues and, students. Today is the first day that we embark on a new academic year. A year that we hope will be a year of excellence in scientific and educational giving. Since, the pandemic cast a shadow over our previous year, and despite this, your scientific and educational generosity was distinguished in it.

It has been witnessed  incomparable follow-up by the Minister of Higher Education, Prof. Dr. Nabil Kazem personally, and the head of the Scientific Supervision and Evaluation Authority, Prof. Dr. Salah Al-Fatlawi, additional to the Ministerial Support Team. This follow-up and diligence was an additional motivation for us to provide the best. My daughters and sons, you are the best representative of this country.

Your country is in dire need of effort to rebuild it…we were, we are, and we will always be proud to be the first nation that started Writing. The nation that taught mankind writing and arithmetic. The nation that built the first city in human history on the land of Eridu.

It is the Iraqi nation whose glory will not be restored and become as it was the vanguard of the world except through your scientific giving.

Science creates civilizations. We are proud of you Sons of righteousness and bright minds. Let our goal this year be to consolidate the success that we achieved in the previous year not only on the study benches, but also scientific research, as your college occupied a high place among the colleges…

Our hearts and minds are open to you ..

Iraq will be at the forefront of the region. There is no self-deprecation or understatement. Self-confidence our starting point and the search for a distinguished position of our desired goal at the level of the individual and the total…

Good luck to all of you…DUC is proud of you..

Prof. Dr. Saeed Abdulhadi Al-marhaj

Dean of faculty