The Dijlah University College is a  privet academic institution established by the decree (No. 3322) issued by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research on October 27, 2004.  The College has been and will continue to be a pioneering educational tributary that draws scientific methods from the data of modern technology, to prepare a sound generation of students, armed with both science and ethics, and immunized with modern concepts aiming at serving the society within the march of this honest homeland.

The college’s path is full of accomplishments, and within trusting relations with the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research on the one hand and society, on the other hand, to take the causes of development and advancement, the College is keen to look forward and always seeks to fulfill its educational and national obligations, to reach sound performance, and to crown this effort by reaching leadership in the principles of engineering, legal, and administrative sciences locally, regionally, and internationally. And we are also keen to say that this College seeks to achieve a set of goals that we summarize in the following:

– Contribute to building enlightened and modern generations armed with science, which is the basis of every serious change in building an integrated society in its premises and goals, linking heritage with contemporariness, taking trust in God as an eternal motive to self-refining, and for the college to be a center for scientific advancement on the one hand, and support the needs of the individuals and society on the one hand. The Dijlah University College has sought to raise the mind and intellect, and stimulate the energies of creativity and innovation among its students and professors.

– Preparing university work requirements from laboratories and teaching aids, conducting specialized research and studies to contribute in the scientific and technological fields, making use of distinguished students and instructors researches, and to provide expertise and advice to economic and productive institutions, hence the creation of the consulting office in the college.

– Seriously seeking to develop continuous education, to improve the performance of the specialized workforce, and provide them with the latest developments in their fields of specialization, in addition to holding continuous courses for training in the use of computers and the Internet.

– The college seeks to popularize the methods of circulating information, availability, and its use, in addition to adopting digital technology to reach the digital college system, while seeking to link the college electronically to the University of Baghdad and other universities, through modern means of communication. The use of examination scores program has been started to control and facilitate the work of transcripts and to produce the master Sheets, in addition to the examination scores program, and the student information base in the registration and student affairs section, as well as other programs related to weekly schedules, controlling absences and distributing students to the examination halls.

– Opening channels of joint work with international universities to develop programs of some specializations, such as computer science and computer engineering.

– The College is keen to transfers the scientific reality and scientific theories to fruitful work performance in society.

– The College is keen to become a pioneer in educational guidance and to benefit from science and its applications in building values and morals for the individuals and society.

– Finally, the College is ambitious to become a major and an active factor in the university institution and calls upon God Almighty to be able to participate in building scientific and educational edifices, appreciating the efforts of all its employees, professors, researchers, and students.

God is behind the intent.

Prof. Dr. Ibrahim Saeed Kata

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