Statement of Mr.Dean

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The Speech of Dean of the College

A university that is open to society

How can we benefit from the global crisis, and the present crisis of local situation, in building a different map of education that is commensurate with this emergency circumstance? Perhaps this is the basic goal that in our mind, and it is a goal that can only be achieved by activating a different style of education in which the teaching is the focus.  This can be achieved by making use of communication techniques in all its forms, and here we began to introduce the teaching itself in this field, which is almost exclusive to specialists, and some teachers of scientific Youth disciplines. Dijlah University College started training of teaching workshop to enhance the educational process in general, and to serve the students with the best service, in particular. In addition to our pursuit, the university seeks to open a social space, with its industrial and voluntary parts, so our work was to build agreements with some private sector companies and some ministries, some of which were accomplished, and the other we seek to complete, as an introduction to our scientific solving of industrial problems.  It is a basic link with community service, which is not limited to the educational process only; in addition to the income, it brings to the college. On the other hand, we have worked to build an effective volunteer team, to provide support in all its forms, on top of which is the medical service, by making use of our medical staff in our various scientific departments, as well as other forms of support.

We also sought to expand the range of our specializations, which included thirteen specialties. Therefore, we established three new departments: (English Language Department, Accounting Department, and the Medical Device Technologies Engineering Department). We are currently working on developing departments: (General Medicine Department, Anesthesiology Department, and Radiology Department). We are seeking to build a hospital with two hundred beds in the same geographical space for our college, to be a teaching hospital equipped with the best medical expertise, and the latest equipment, and become an ideal base to open our college to a greater social space, as the service will be accessible to all people. We also endeavor to build a sport city that will be linked to the Department of Sport Education for the next year. We provided support as part of our endeavor to support various community activities, and here we are adopting a cornea transplantation project free for two hundred patients, in addition to our previous project to establish and support business incubators for young graduates. Perhaps all of the above works were unique to our college, and we hope that we will remain unique.

Our college is an open door to everyone. It is the word ” Dijlah” with its connotations as known for all Iraqis, from Sumer until now. An inexhaustible outpouring of giving, and it will not be exhausted as long as it contains the scientific minds, and we are proud of the creativity that distinguished our students.

It is the source that the seeker of knowledge will acquire through it only.

Prof. Dr. Saeed Abdul-Hadi Al-Mirhij

Dean of the College