Ongoing Education Unit


          The ongoing education unit at Dijlah University College seeks to provide a high-level model of training programs, administrative, legal and scientific consultations to achieve a high level of excellence to reach global standards in the performance of institutional sectors in Iraq.

The message

           Working on training, developing and qualifying the individuals at Dijlah University College and the various groups of society in ministries and state institutions, as well as distinctive and active participations in the development of human resources which contributes to raising competitiveness.


The objectives of the center

         – Contribute to the development of teaching methods and modern styles and standards for education, and training the faculty members to upgrade the level of university education, as well as to raise the level of performance of managers and employees of government and private sectors through programs and training courses that keep dealing with the  age requirements.

        – Dissemination of concepts of using the means of information and communication technology in university education and support related projects, through the preparation of rehabilitation and training programs for different terms of specializations.

         -Organizing training courses in multiple disciplines that achieve labor market requirements that will increase trainee skills and promote their professional and scientific levels.

          -Organizing courses, workshops and seminars related to e-learning and the mechanism of its application and how to benefit from it in the university education.

          -Providing scientific, technical and educational consultations are provided in the field of especialization for colleges and scientific departments.


Courses available in the ongoing education unit:-

Serial Course Name Course Price
1 English language courses 150,000
2 Computer skills courses 85,000
3 Accounting course 140,000
4 Professional Photographer course 150,000
5 Graphic designer course 200,000
6 Photoshop course 110,000
7 First Aid and Nursing Course 165,000
8 Pathological analysis course 125,000
9 Comprehensive pathological analysis course 200,000
10 Radiology and MRI courses 200,000
11 physiotherapy course 175,000
12 Pharmacist delegate course 200,000
13 Non-surgical cosmetic course 200,000
14 Cisco course 100,000
15 Micro tech Course 100,000
16 Websites Design Course 165,000
17 Mobile applications course 165,000
18 Mobile maintenance cycle 300,000
19 Refrig. and air conditioning maintenance course 150,000