Application Procedure, Admission Requirements  :

First: Admission Requirements:

To apply for the medical disciplines students should have obtained a high school certificate  with an average of no less than (80%)  for the engineering disciplines (70%). For other disciplines, an average of no less than (60%).

Second: Admission Requirements:

  1. Direct submission: The student Applied on Line.
  2. Electronic submission: Foreign Students can apply through the respective electronic window.
  3. Application Date: The application process will start on (15/5/2018) until (15/9/2018). Students applying after the final date will be transmitted to the next academic year admission.

Third: Required documents:

  1. The student must have obtained a secondary school certificate endorset by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in his country or the embassy of his country in Iraq.
  2. A copy of the student passport.
  3. Student photos.


Admission Form:

To reach the electronic admission form please enter your Gmail address or create new address if you do not have one. (press inter on admission form connection below, fill-in all parts of the form, and download the required documents (High School Certificate,  Copy of the Passport and Student photos) electronically, then press send.

English Admission Form Connection

Note: In the case of admission, the student is subject to the laws, regulations and instructions of the country of study.

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