A visit on 02/21/2021 by the Honourable Minister, members of the position Committee, the advanced staff in the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, the Ministerial Team for E-Learning, and gentlemen, university presidents and deans of government and private colleges.

Moreover, the visit exceeded to reach the online classes in the departments of Dijlah University College with its various and multiple specializations. The members of the position Committee and the ministerial team were briefed on the progress of the online educational process in the college, and that is by logging in the online lectures via the zoom platform and through the Google meet platform, entering different classes of the college departments and listening to the lectures.

More to say, the visit expanded to other educational institute like Dijlah university, the universities of Baghdad, Al-Nahrain, Technology, Kufa, Al-Qadisiyah, and a number of other governmental and private universities and colleges.

E-learning unit