Themes of the Conference

  1. The legal axis: the impact of the Fourth Industrial Revolution on the development of legal legislation and it includes the following branches :

A – Sustainable Development and Public law.

B – Sustainable Development and Private law.

  1. The language and Media Axis: the impact of the fourth industrial revolution in the fields of language and Media , and it includes the following branches:

A – Sustainable Development and Literature.

b- Sustainable Development and Language.

C – Sustainable Development and Media.

D – Sustainable Development in the Holy Quran and Sharia.


  1. The Axis of Administration, finance and accounting: the impact of the fourth industrial revolution on the efficiency of the performance of business organizations, and it involves the following branches :

A – Modern trends of administrative thought in achieving sustainable development.

B – Contemporary financial and banking applications and achieving sustainable development.

C – International financial reporting standards and sustainable development.