Objectives of the Conference

      The Fourth Industrial Revolution is the name given by the Higher Economic Forum in Davos / Switzerland in 2016, to the last episode of a series of industrial revolutions. This The Fourth Industrial Revolution started in the late eighteenth century, which brought about great changes in the lives of societies. It was characterized by the penetration of emerging technology in a number of Fields, including robotics, artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, governance computing, biotechnology, Internet of stuff , virtual worlds, and 3D printing , etc. The fourth wave of the industrial revolution is expected to witness intensive implementation of many emerging technologies with scientific potential.

     Because of the role played by these technologies in promoting the sustainable development of global economies, in general, and emerging economies, in particular. This conference came to shed the light upon the following aims :

  1. knowing all the technological applications provided by the Fourth Industrial Revolution, whether in the medical , engineering , pure , social or human sciences.
  2. Explaining the role of the Fourth Industrial Revolution in promoting the expansion of the social communication system and reducing the rates of underdevelopment in all its fields.
  3. Creating business incubators that provide job opportunities for the community in order to reduce the negative effects of unemployment and also to reduce barriers on entrepreneurship and creation of new markets.

4.The interactive relationship between sustainable development and the software aspects of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and its effects on the life of the individual and society.

  1. The Effective methods and tools to confront cyber security risks resulting from the possibility of data penetration and tampering , and also other negative effects in society such as inequality in the availability of job opportunities among members of society.
  2. The role of sustainable development in light of the Fourth Industrial Revolution in developing learning and teaching methods.