Educational Counseling Unit


The Psychological counseling and Academic Guidance unit at Dijlah University College aspires to provide distinctive academic counseling services based on scientific foundation, and provide training and counseling programs, and guidance services, and achieve compatibility for all academically stunted, talented, and special needs students, and to identify their capabilities and help them to overcome everything that hinders their progress. 

 The message

          The academic counseling unit at Dijlah University College is committed to providing training, guidance, academic programs, steering services and psychological consulting, and taking care of students who are excel academically, as well as identifying and nurturing  individuals differences.         


The unit aims to follow the problems of students, contain and find appropriate solutions with academic leader and discuss unacceptable cases in the student community with the of addressing and highlighted them through raising awareness and encouraging individual initiatives, and implementation of annual programs in the field of outstanding care and follow-up cases of delays and absences, in addition to preventive programs, as well as participation in community activities.  


  1. Treating cases of delays and laziness in working hours through the meeting and knowledge of the causes of these cases and treating them appropriately and implementing central instructions in case of continuity.
  2. Openness at the level of local and Arabic universities and the possibility of hosting lecturers specialized in human development to give lectures to the professors and students.

3 – Conducting counseling, preventive and remedial programs for gifted, talented and outstanding and special needs students. 

 Activities and Events Carried out by the Guidance Unit:-


-Preparation of psychological counseling and academic guidance.

-The annual plan for the counseling unit.

-Determining the stage guides according to the scientific departments in our university.

-Holding periodic meetings with first-year students and other stages in our university.

-Holding periodic meetings with the professors representing the stages in the college departments through the Google Meet program.

-A weekly meeting and follow-up with the professors responsible for the guidance committees in all university departments, with the aim of enhancing communication methods with students and provide guidance.

-Coordination with professors are represented of the counseling unit to solve obstacles that reaches to the unit from the students.