The Department of Finance and Banking Science:

The Department of Finance and Banking Science was established in pursuant to ministerial decree no. (3322) in 27/10/2004. It attracts graduates from secondary schools of scientific, literary and commerce branches as well as teacher’s institutes (science and math).

The department seeks to provide students with the required knowledge and information in bank management and financial sciences. It also prepares cadres qualified to work in Arabic and Iraqi banks, both private and state owned. The students are given scientific background in subsidiary majors, especially: various types of insurance, monetary, commercial law and banking marketing. The students also gain competences of modern means in computer financial and banking systems programming.

Dijlah University College has founded this department on the academic year 2004/2005 upon realizing the increasing importance of banking and finance, equally in governmental and private sectors, and coping with the economical dynamics being witnessed by the world. The department prepares around 200 graduates yearly, who join financial and banking corporations and governmental offices.


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