Vision, Mission, Targets

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Vision, Missions and Goals of Dijlah College


First: Vision
Dijlah Private University College has to be a pioneer and distinguished scientific tower in the field of higher education and scientific research within the medical, engineering, scientific and humanitarian domains to serve the society. It has to become a center of innovation and creativity and to occupy a prominent place among the institutions of higher education through the development of its privacy and its educational programs at a high quality, and in accordance with the solid scientific basis. It has to cope with the international standards in the light of intellectual and professional supremacy by using modern techniques, contributing to the society advancement of society , constructing and meeting its needs for achieving the goals of the overall development and building a genuine partnership with the institutions of the community through the rehabilitation of individuals of future leaders who are capable of creativity, innovation and interaction with their community, and uphold the spiritual and human values of the community to access the country’s progress and development.

Second: Mission

Providing distinguished and sophisticated programes of study and scientific research system to achieve the aspirations of the beneficiaries and to contribute as a house of experience to serve the society through a number of highly qualified graduates to support the national development and to ensure the optimum use of partnership with various business sectors.

Preparing the scientific and technical frame works in various fields and disciplines with a commitment to the academic values and norms and to preserve the societal values.

Providing optimal stimulating research environment for innovation and supremacy by supporting scientific research and working on specific programs that provide specific output, and striving towards optimal encourage of education through the provision of libraries and sources of information at a high level.

Providing the students with educational and research skills within the system of modern knowledge in various scientific and humanitarian disciplines, and enhancing the capacity for innovation, self-education, marketing competition, and promoting the college contribution on the economic and social development through the development of the scientific and the administrative sectors as well as in the environmental protection.

Developing the administrative system through the development of human resources of academic positive leaders, faculty members, administrators, technicians and workers.

Dijlah University Colleges committed to the dissemination and discovering knowledge. It is committed to providing it students with the required outstanding education from which they can acquire the experience of innovating learning and teaching to be armed with values, knowledge and life skills, and to be ready for a successful life in this constantly changing world in this era of globalization and without any compromising or abandoning our national identity.

The mission of Dijlah University is to prepare a human provided with theoretical knowledge ,practical experiences and positive behaviors with the ability to employ the min building her/him selves and developing their community with the latest techniques of scientific and technological means through the development of specific disciplines that keep pace with modern developments and the needs of the community .The College is committed, during that, to take into account the overall quality standards and sustainable development.

Providing academic programs of high quality in the various stages of education in line with scientific, technological, and administrative development at the local, regional and global levels as well as active participation in the development of technology and continuous improvement in the educational and research system in the college through continued cooperation with those working in various scientific and administrative disciplines.

Dijlah University College is keen to redouble its efforts to absorb knowledge and benefit from its flood in the construction of scientific, cultural, and moral thought. It seeks a permanent and continuous presence in various academic and administrative fields in order to achieves and ards of quality and to qualify the entire college scientific and administrative department to reach administrative or institutional accreditation.

Promoting creativity and effective communication and developing a sense of responsibility, achieving learning and encouraging creative activities serving for the progress of the society .

Raising the level of science and technology by providing an appropriate environment for students to work on the development of their individual and collective skills and abilities in the field of science and work.

Making the college an example of a scientific environment in which the professors and the students exchange university prestigious traditions and assigning a role for the educational guidance in addressing the problems of the students.

Third, goals

Providing distinct educational programs with a unique quality to contribute in providing the students with the basic knowledge and to develop their capacity of thinking and analyzing for the sake of creating a creative and talented generation of you thin various scientific, administrative and technical fields >

Keeping up with scientific and technical progress through the development of educational plans and the best curriculum, thus contributing in the formation of cadres able to contribute in serving to society.

Developing the scientific programs in the college in the light of the contemporary scientific trends and to consider seriously to vary the patterns of higher education and the methods of their presentations and to improve the quality of education and its outputs and to fulfill its e practical and educational obligations.

Working on attracting distinguished faculty in their general and minor disciplines and providing a suitable environment for them as well as building partnerships between the college and to her colleges and universities, other local and global, in order to raise the level of the educational process in all its aspects(student, faculty member, scientific article).

developing the cognitive, mental and innovative skills of the students and to communicate with them through a combination of theoretical, practical and applied studies that qualify them to acquire the necessary knowledge and techniques and practical skills needed by the labor market through the provision of and sophisticated scientific, research, laboratories and computer laboratories in addition to equipping the classrooms with new technologies.

Looking after the students’ and paying attention to their cultural and psychological configuration to complete the construction of integrated personality of the university student and to pay attention to the cultural, intellectual, ideological, and sports activities for the college students and the to develop their mental abilities.

Application the standards, policies, characteristics, mechanisms and practices of ensuring the quality system of university performan ceonall aspects of the faculty in order to adjust its educational and research output of what earned the trust of the community and other educational institutions.

Developing and enhancing the skills of the teaching staff through the provision of modern teaching technology and supporting the mto participate in the local and international Courses and conferences.

Opening scientific, humanitarian and applied sections within the need of community.

Preparing and publishing valuable scientific researches adopted by the college that contribute in solving practical problems and providing consulting and scientific studies for solving technical and practical problems for the governmental and private institutions.

Working on the application of the principle of (twinning) with Arab and international colleges and universities to look at the latest developments in various academic and scientific fields.

Conversing the college to the electronic administration and increase the areas of excellence and motivate employees of the college, the teaching staff, and the administrative staff towards greater excellence and innovation.

Fourth, strategic goals and Aims

1.Development of the institutional capacity of the College:

A.Developing the organizational structure.
B.Developing performance plans in the College.
C.Confirming the commitment to ethics and professional credibility.
D.Developing human resource skills.
E.Providing material capabilities.

2.Development of Teaching and learning sector:
A.supporting and developing plans for students’ follow-up.
B.Choosing the academic standards of reference.
C.Developing and supporting educational programs.
D.Providing physical facilities for teaching and learning process.

3.Development the system of scientific research and higher studies:
A. Supporting and motivating the Systems of Scientific Research.
B.Attempting to open higher studies programmers.

4.Development the sectors of community service and environment:
A.Strengthening the role of the college in social participation.
B.Developing the systems of performance evaluation and managing internal quality in the college.

Fifth: values


Dijlah Private University College seeks to make its academic and social contribution a distinguished one by identifying a set of valuesthat lead to a practical application for its principles and to be distinguished in its academic and social attempts through:

Professional ethics and ensuring the continuity of the intellectual and academic achievements.

Enhancing team work accompanied by a transparent and responsible management in accordance with the principles of honesty and integrity in the academic and social aspects.

Devoting to community service and recognizing the basic needs of the students and striving to wards achieving them.

Committing to the fundamental principles of academic freedom, humanity, and respect for intellectual property.

Maintaining the principles of higher education and the application of self-assessment and benchmarking and continuous improvement.

Creativity and love of scientific, informatics,technical, cultural and social knowledge.