The Department of Law was established in cooperation with the Continuing Education Unit at Dijlah University College. A training course entitled “The Legal Impact of the Professional Sports Contract.”
The course dealt with many important topics, which are related to examining the characteristics of sports contracts and disputes between the player and the club, and their legal implications. As well as discussing sports laws in Iraq. And solving problems related to the athlete through the Dispute court, which was established in 2017 and also established international sports arbitration. 


Lecturers at the Department of Law, Asst. Lect, Silwan Muzaffar , Law, Asst. Muhammad Kazem , were a lecturer in this session, in the presence of a group of professors from the Department of Law and students of all academic levels. With the aim of involving the students in these courses and making them widely acquainted with the most important laws related to their field of work and developing their scientific skills. At the end of the course, certificates of appreciation were given to the lecturers. In gratitude for their scientific efforts.