The dean of Dijlah University College, Dr. Saeed Al-Marhej has been conducting daily rounds of the exam halls since its inception on the fifth of June until now, to see the mechanism of the conduct of the attendance and online exams for all scientific and humanitarian departments and for all stages.

He noted that the exams were conducted according to what was planned and prepared according to the instructions of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.

Al-Marhej affirmed that the university’s deanship worked with all effort and sincerity for the sake of the success of the exams and to provide the appropriate atmosphere. The ministerial tours were always and continuously present to monitor the examination process.

He praised the role of professors and staff in general for doing everything they could to ensure that the exams were in accordance with the highest standards of transparency and integrity. Expressing his deep gratitude for all the efforts made during this period. At the same time, he stressed in his constant keenness until the final exams are over.

Thanks to all the students for their cooperation with the Dean of the University and the teaching staff.
Wishing good luck and success to all students.
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