The assessment exams for the Department of Dentistry at Dijlah College were concluded today, Saturday, 7/2/2022. Thus, the college finished its exams for the current academic year. The ministerial team thanked the cooperation of the Deanship of Dijlah College and its exam committees. They emphasize the accuracy of organization and monitoring, and the keenness to provide an appropriate exam environment. For the Dean of the College part, Dr. Saeed Al-Marhej, thanked the efforts exerted by the ministerial team and the supporting committee of dentistry professors at Al-Mustansiriya University. He has stressed that the exam experience has been achieved and attained its goal in an optimal way and the gratitude to the concerted efforts. And follow-up of the ministerial electronic support team. As well as the daily supervision of the team The Supervisory and Evaluation Authority. He concluded his words with a wish of success and excellence for our students in a way that enhances the course of the Dijlah College.