Dijla University College ( In Brief )

      Dijla University College is a private academic institution for public interest education. It was established in Baghdad / pursuant to the order issued of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research No. (3322) in 27th October  2004 in accordance with the amended Law of the Establishment of Private Colleges and Universities (13) in 1996.

      The college accepts graduates of the preparatory study in its scientific, literary, commercial and industrial branches, and graduates of institutes. It follows the semester system in study for the specializations of civil engineering, computer science, financial and banking sciences, business management and accounting. It follows the annual system for the specializations of dentistry, pathological analyzes, optics, computer technology engineering, and medical device technology engineering , refrigeration and air conditioning engineering , law , media , Arabic language, English Language, anesthesia and computer technologies. A bachelor’s degree is awarded in the specializations of all scientific and human departments of the college.

      Dijla University College seeks to provide its educational services using scientific methods and modern technology, and its curricula keep pace with the latest global developments, their applications and repercussions on society in order to achieve the goals of economic and social development in Iraq.

     The college includes the best scientific Iraqi teaching staff, and it seeks to develop it continuously, by concluding partnership agreements with some well-known international universities. In the field of infrastructure development, the college has established a distinguished academic campus in the center of Baghdad, to become a scientific edifice ahead of other colleges.

Terms of Participation in Research Papers :

  1. The research paper should be in accord with the conference topics.
  2. The research abstract should be submitted to the Preparatory Committee no later than 31/12/2022 with the participation form, and the complete research should be submitted no later than 21/1/2023. The researcher will be informed about the acceptance or refusal of the research no later than 15/3/2023.
  3. The research should include an abstract in Arabic and English, with no more than (200) words.
  4. The number of research pages should not exceed (25) pages, including the title of the paper, the abstract and references, and it should be typed in font (Times New Rowan) and in size (12).
  5. The research should follow the (APA) system in documentation, taking into account the rules of scientific research in organizing the research paper.
  6. The research paper has not been previously published or accepted for publication in any medium of publication , nor submitted for publication, and this condition is an implicit undertaking by the researcher to do so.
  7. It is necessary to attach the CV of the researcher or researchers and a copy of the passport for researchers from outside Iraq.
  8. It is necessary to fill out the attached research participation form.
  9. The researches are accepted in both Arabic and English.

Additional Information

  1. The participation in the conference is free.
  2. The college shall bear the accommodation expenses for researchers from outside Iraq for a period of three days and one day for researchers from Kurdistan region and remote provinces Basra and Mosul.
  3. The papers accepted in the conference are published free of charge in the college journal.
  4. Electronic participations are accepted via the Google Meet platform.
  5. Those wishing to publish their research in international containers, the conference organizing committee can facilitate publication in the following journals , provided that the researcher bears the publishing costs:
  • Baltic Journal of Law and Policy.
  • Swiss journal of Economic and Statistics.
  • Technium Social Sciences Journal.


Law Email: isc.et@duc.edu.iq

Language and Media Email: isc.mh@duc.edu.iq

Financial, Banking and Accounting Email: isc.lw@duc.edu.iq

Scientific Committee Email: isc.ssh@duc.edu.iq

Participation link:  click here